Seamoss information:

Where does Seamoss originate from?:

Our gold and purple seamoss grows in the Caribbean Sea, off the Atlantic Ocean and is imported from St Lucia it is certified raw wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss.

Bladderwrack grows in the ocean waters off the coast of the Republic or Ireland.

Is Seamoss sustainable?:

Seamoss is renewable source and is farmed with a sustainable ethosย there is no reason why this seaweed can continue being used as a source of food and multiple other uses. With sustainable resources, training and guidance all farmers around the world can benefit from aquaculture.

Seamoss is slower in growth compared to other seaweeds, but can still produce amazing results over 4 - 6 weeks.

Seamoss Benefits:

Seamoss contains 92 of the 102 minerals that our bodies need like zinc, iodine, iron, and more! The mossย is rich in amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals.ย ย 

Seamoss is renowned for:

  • Improve mental, emotional health, mood and energy levelsย 
  • Aid thyroid, digestive and immunity supportย 
  • Provide joint pain relief, improve bone health
  • Respiratory support, support internal mucous membranes
  • Healthy male and female vitality
  • Help with weight loss

Research has shown 90% of the vitamins and minerals the body needs to function and is also prebiotic, a type of dietary fibre that contributes to a healthy gut.ย 

The anti-inflammatory properties in sea moss may help improve blood circulation, reduce joint swelling and may also improve flexibility, contributing to healthy joints.

How is Seamoss Prepared?:

Seamoss is washed extensively until excess sea salt and sand debris is cleared. The moss is marinated with limes to ensure the product is cleaned, preserved and to reduce the ocean taste.

Next the seamoss is soaked with only spring water and covered for 24 hours in a cold refrigerated state. The moss doubles in size and is then added to a high-speed blender which is churned until a gel paste.ย 

How Seamoss be used?:

Seamossย gel can be mixed into a juices, smoothies, protein shakes, oatmeal's per day.

Due to the moss havingย aย mucilaginous and gel-like consistency, seamoss gel can be used to be a natural thickening agent referred to asย โ€œvegan gelatinโ€ andย ย โ€œthe collagen of the sea,โ€ it is often used for culinary purposes as a thickening agent or gelatin substitute. Due to having high carageen properties is also referredย to as "carrageen moss". Carrageenan is a common food stabilizer and thickener in foods like almond milk, low-fat ice cream, soups and stews.

How much Seamoss can I consume?:

As much as you would like! We recommend at least 2 tablespoons per day. The more the better but remember to drink at least 1 gallon of water per day.ย ย 

The recommended amount of sea moss gel to take daily is 1-2 tablespoons or 4 to 8 grams per day.ย 

Please Note: Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider/nutritionist.

How do I store my Seamoss?:ย 

Seamoss gel should always be stored in a refrigerator. Warm temperature of the sea moss decreases its benefits.ย Temperatures between 34-38 degrees Fย slow bacterialย growth.ย 

Gel will last up to 3-4 weeks refrigeratedย and frozen up to 6 months.

The gels do not contain preservatives or additives, nothing to extend shelf life. Information online that says you can refrigerate and keep sea moss gel for up to a month.

I personally would not. A couple of factors determine the life of your sea moss gel, the lid not being closed tight, cross-contamination from a spoon that has been used in a different product beforehand and the temperature of your fridge.ย 

An indicator seamossย gel is starting to expire is odd pungent aroma and discoloration of light grayish watery / slimy coating on top layer and signs of mold. If you find mold or suspect spoilage this is an indication of deterioration, do not use.ย ย 

Can I take Sea Moss if I am allergic to shell fish, sea animals or bottom feeders?:

Yes! Seamoss is a vegan product that simply grows off the shores in the sea.ย 

Can I take Sea Moss while on Iodine medication? (Common Thyroid issues):

It is not recommendedย  that you take Seamoss if you have a under-activeย or overactive thyroid while taking Iodine medication. PLEASE CONSULT A PHYSICIAN in this case.

It has been said that Seamoss replaces the daily need for Iodine medication. Please consult your doctor for direction.

You should always consult with a medical professional before incorporating herbal remedies into your diet, particularly if you are taking medication, pregnant or breastfeeding.